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Totem Bird

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Inspired by the shapes and creatures of wildlife, Matías Larraín created the Totem Bird art print for Aparte, reminding us of Nature, and our heritage. The bold and simple symbols of the illustration appeal to all ages. 

About the artist:
Starting his life and creative education in visual communication design in Mendoza in Argentina, Matías later moved from one wine country to another; he now resides and works in France, where his bike rides in nature provides inspiration for his art and illustrations.

Matías’ contribution to Aparte is a series of poetic birds. The three Aparte art prints depict birds adorned with symbols. The illustrations all show Matías’ love for finding greatness in small things, plus a sense of freedom, and search for the positive things in life. 

Matías prefers to use only a few elements in his illustrations. He likes imperfect shapes and naive lines. His method is mostly digital, but he gives his illustrations a more ‘traditional’ side by using brush strokes and pencil effects.

Offset print på Arena 240 g.

Kunstner: Matías Larraín x CPC

Størrelse: 30 x 40 cm

Note: Hvis du ønsker en anden farve ramme end eg, så tilføj printet uden ramme til kurven og find den ønskede ramme under "rammer". Husk det skal være en 30x40 eller en 50x70. 

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